Jasmine, a poem


On my daily walk

A nice man in a big truck with a big dog named Duke waits for me to pass

The child in me almost says “run,” but now I'm a big man ready to defend

“I enjoy watching you on the news,” he says

Duke seems to agree.

I pass that wind chime and pretend it's all mine

It releases the most beautiful music

Then evil.

I carry a stick, to which a man on a bike says with a smile, “Ah, you have one of those wife beaters.”

Oh my

My professor said that problem would never go away, so long as even one man thinks he's superior to women.

An old man waves

He's concerned he found his screen door open

I try convince him it was probably just the wind

He won't hear it and says now he's really getting scared

In the pavement the name JASMINE

How did I miss that yesterday?

A quick and simple nudge from higher power

Pray for Jasmine.

The neighbor with three small children

She wants to talk

Alas, I know high fences make for good neighbors, but catch me on my walk

James M. Doughty


James Doughty