Deep faith

"What we must realize is that we cannot see everything. We do not know everything. More important, we must understand that it is impossible for us to control anything. The process of life is a spiritual one, governed by invisible, intangible spiritual laws and principles."
Iyanla Vanzant

"Everyone who has been mistreated by another has mistreated others at one time or another."
Paul Ferrini

"Deep faith eliminates fear."
Lech Walesa

It's not the burdens of everyday that drive men mad.
It is the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow.
Regret and fear are twin thieves that rob us of today.

I completely, and whole heartedly trust Gods love, it will never fail

God's grace can turn pain into joy and blessing.
Isabelle Zeigler Ross

"I have learned this at least by
my experiment: that if one
advances confidently in the
direction of his dreams and
endeavors to live the life which
he has imagined, he will meet
with a success unexpected in
common hours."
Henry David Thoreau



If you are worried about tomorrow, you are in God's business. Stay in the now.

James Doughty