Friendly level

"Different people must contend with different trials, but adversities in some shape or other come to everyone."
R. C. McCarthy 


What are you going through in your life right now? Don't feel you're the only one. Open your eyes. Open your heart to your connections with your larger family. Let them share their stories with you. Let them share their strengths, hopes, fears, and joys. Stop looking for what's different and what makes you separate and apart. Go on an adventure of discovering your common bonds.

Melody Beattie


"Always hold your head up, but be careful

to keep your nose at a friendly level."

Max L. Forman


"People exclaim, "that's impossible" (until it isn't); People whine, "that'll never happen" (until it does). People sneer, "You're wasting your time" (until it pays off). History books are filled with people who were called Crazy by those who were Lazy."

Don Snyder



I was so fortunate to grow up near Texas Tech. I remember planting the dream early of becoming a student with this autographed photo and a year book I acquired at a flea market. #WaybackWednesday  

James Doughty