Who killed Daniel Flores?

Family members of Daniel Flores, 44, of Big Spring continue searching for answers into his beating death around February 2013.

On February 19, 2013, Flores was found in a 1940 model automobile on his property at 1407 W. Second Street. His autopsy shows he died due to blunt force injuries to the torso.

A few days earlier Flores arrived home with severe injuries. He was able to tell a family member the names of at least two of the suspects.

Lt. Brian Gordon with the Big Spring Police Department said the Daniel Flores murder case is a still an open investigation.

Howard County District Attorney Hardy Wilkerson said a grand jury reviewed the case a few years ago, but at the time it decided to “pass” on the case. They chose not to indict anyone in the murder and decided not to “no bill” anyone either. 

Geno Flores, Daniel’s brother, said there is evidence in cell phone text messages. One message sent to Daniel by one of the possible suspects said, “What’s fixing (sic) to happen to you, I can’t stop.”

“I want them convicted,” said Flores. “The evidence is there. They have the phone with those threatening messages.”

Geno Flores said several of the possible suspects worked with his brother at an area business that supports the oil field industry. Several of them were fired over a stolen generator. He said that issue is what led to the beating death of this brother.

At least one of the possible five suspects still lives in the Big Spring area. The others have moved away. Court documents show all of them have had various issues with the law.

Family members said Daniel had issues with drugs and alcohol, but like everyone else he deserves to be remembered for his finest moments. Virginia Sanchez, Daniel’s sister, said he was dedicated to his special needs sister and to his mother who required dialysis several times a week.

“My brother would get up early and help with my mother,” said Sanchez. “He would brush her hair and put it up in a ponytail. He would make sure her shoes were spotless and then he would wheel her into the van that picked her up.”

Sanchez said her father frequently asks whether there’s been a break in the murder case.

“My heart aches for my father,” said Sanchez. “Thank God he is healthy, but he always asks me not to give up on seeking justice for my beloved brother.”

Flores left behind three sons. His family is urging anyone with information to contact the Big Spring Police Department at 432-264-2550 or the Big Spring Area Crimestoppers at 432-264-TIPS.



Everyone deserves justice! 



Daniel Flores

James Doughty