Long walks

"Don't put a question mark where God puts a period"


Sometimes in life we keep forcing something to happen and it doesn't, and we don't understand why. Why not try surrendering and talking to a spiritual counselor or a good friend. Sometimes it's God tapping you on the shoulder wanting you to take a different path.

From the book "Wisdom, Magic and Miracles"

May the light of hope illumine the multitude of blessings that surround you. May the light of peace shine within and before you as serenity and strength. May the light of love empower you to treat yourself and others with compassion and gentleness. May the light of joy radiate from your heart as jubilance and goodwill.


The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.

Joseph Joubert 


2017 Highlights

Started in Welsey Chapel, Fla. Living with mom and dad. On unemployment, fired by two racist, homophoebic men in Texas. Signed up for food assistance, stood in food pantry line too many times. Still thankful and full of joy.

Spring: Unemployment ends, passed state exam to get health, life and annuity license. Briefly worked at Amerilife. Still hopeful.

Summer: Moved to Victoria, Texas to serve as morning anchor. Without a vehicle for a while. Yay Uber. Covered deadly smuggling incident in San Antonio, Hurricane Harvey and Mass Shooting at church in Sutherland Springs. Roommate situation falls apart. Kicked out. Homeless for several days. We move forward. Concerned.

Fall: Love finds you wherever you are. Heart broken. Enjoyed snowfall December 8th. Time to connect with old friends. Happy.

Happy 2018 may I finally lose weight!  

James Doughty