Texas Church Massacre

I was amazed at how the Sutherland Springs area community came together on such short notice. A group had food for 600 and begged the press to eat and drink. First time seeing this since I started serving as a reporter in 1998. 

I am so sad this happened. Sad someone couldn't reach out to the suspect in time. 

On the way to Sutherland Springs I kept seeing small churches everywhere. I was thinking if this shooting is a random act of hate it could happen at any church. 

As we tried to get gas before heading back we were approached by a strange man. He was not clear on what he wanted. He did ask where he might find a place to camp. I cut him short and wished him luck. Firmness creates boundaries. He became agitated and later yelled from afar sarcastically, 'thanks a lot for your help'. I ignored him. We can't help everyone.  

Inside the store the cashier had placed a bucket to raise money for the church shooting victims.

We do what we can. The most important thing we can do is pray all day and stay connected to God.

I was so out of sorts Saturday. I was restless and sad.  I should have prayed more.




James Doughty