Get back to work

Today I return to television news after a 10 month break. I left for more money last September only to be laid off on May 26, 2015 from my position with City Council District 9. I have learned so much and thankfully God is always in control.

I am grateful for the many things I got done on my to do list. Things that don't always get done when you work full-time.

Florida vacation

Tested cyst on wrist - not cancerous

Took nieces to Kiddie Park

Fixed our bed

Got new tires

Spent more time with friends and family

Helped son get drivers license

Bought a new vacuum

Updated medical appointments

Participated in Career Transition Workshop

Enjoyed July 4th in Lubbock


My advice to those suddenly out of work:

Pray all day

Tell everyone you know you are looking for work


When you seem unable to pray for yourself ask for prayer

Take naps

Apply apply apply

Don't give up