My Story

Today I am fortunate to go live every day as a TV news

reporter. It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was

five years old. I‘m doing what I love, but getting here wasn’t

easy and I still work hard to keep it all together.

I remember my first connection with live television news.

I was in Midland, Texas when the ABC affiliate Big 2 News

was a rolling news machine. We drove past a Taco Bell where

the bell had fallen through the roof. I can’t recall the details,

but it was an emergency scene. That night I saw the reporter

telling the story. I was amazed when I made the connection

between the reporter on the scene and the reporter on the

television. At the time, I thought people who do the news

were handpicked and groomed from birth to do this. Not so.

It’s a calling, a deep desire that can come true with hard work

and perseverance.

I believe journalism is a powerful medium. I can

remember as a boy about five or six, I built a sand castle. When

a bully approached, I was worried he was about to kick over

my hard work so I told a little white lie about a news crew

being on the way to do a story. He was impressed and left me

alone. I think our job is to give a voice to the voiceless while

keeping the powerful in check. So many times I’ve seen how

people less fortunate have no one else looking after them but

a good journalist.

-Some Monument to Last

James Doughty