We will miss Oprah on the network, but I can't wait to see what she has in store for us on OWN. Oprah helped me land my first job in TV News. My perpetrator also admitted his wrong after watching Oprah's show on childhood sexual abuse in 1987. I mentioned O to a group of graduates tonight. Her quote: "Your future is so bright it burns my eyes," is a favorite.-JMD

In 1997 I graduated from Texas Tech, and in 1998 I entered the competitive field of broadcast journalism in Amarillo, Texas. I credit Oprah Winfrey with helping me get my first job. A friend of mine was working in Amarillo at the CBS affiliate. While Winfrey was on trial in a libel lawsuit, which she won, I decided to go catch a glimpse of the talk show star and visit my friend. I gave my friend my resume tape and got a job working at the ABC affiliate a week later. pg 7 of SMTL

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