News by Dan Rather

I had the privilege to hear Dan Rather speak tonight at San Antonio College. His energy was pure, honest and humble. He spoke freely about how live T.V. can be high-grade fuel for the ego. Rather said the term investigative reporting is redundant, but doing it can be more addictive than crack cocaine.

He said we need more honest brokers of information. Reporters who tell it straight with no chaser.

His advice to journalists already in the business: Pray or meditate Become a better writer & Don't let them scare you!

His definition of news?

"News is something you want to know, something you need to know and something someone in power doesn't want you to know."

Rather prefers to call those who deliver the news, the press. Mainly because that was the term written into the Bill of Rights, lest we forget. He said the term news media tends to describe and encompass entertainment.

He said Freedom of the Press is made possible by the people who demand it and by news companies that remain independent and have guts.

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