Lydia Mary Doughty Bailey

When someone even close to the family tree lives life large; you make the connection and celebrate them. JMD Lydia Mary Doughty was born on August 19, 1849 in Kemper County, Mississippi. She married F.A. Bailey in 1867. F.A. are initials for Frederick Augustus. Lydia’s father was my great-great-great grandfather, James Murray Doughty. Preston Doughty’s book spells her name Lidia.

My great-great grandfather Andrew Caddell was born after Lydia in 1851. They had seven other siblings.

Lydia’s daughter was Ethel May Bailey. She married Charles Bishop Brock who descended from Elijah Brock and his father, Andrew Jackson Brock.

One of Ethel and Charles’ great-granddaughter's is Kathy Walden Kaplan, author of The Dog of Knots.

Kaplan wrote The Dog of Knots after living in Israel in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. The book is based on her experiences during that war and the experiences of friends and neighbors. Her husband was teaching English Medieval History at the University of Haifa for about a year when the book was inspired. Kaplan’s daughter Ariel also writes children's books.

Ethel and Charles’ daughter, Ruby Kendrick Brock was Kaplan’s grandmother. Ruby moved to California with her sisters during the Great Depression.

This is a list of Lydia and Frederick’s children:

1. Leo Bailey 2. Elwin -- died at 6 months 3. Nigul Bruce 4. Erwin 5. Percy 6. Ethel May 7. Adrian 8. Mary Alice 9 Minnie Ellen Twin died at birth (married in 1919) 10. Myrtle Ella Twin died at birth

James Murray Doughty is our common ancestor. He was my great-great-great grandfather. From Personnel of the Texas State Government (1982 edition, p 663-664 by L. E. Danielle, Representative Men of Texas.)

Under J. M. Doughty of Alice:

In 1884 he drove 14,000 head of cattle from the King Ranch in Southwest Texas to Kansas, Nebraska, Montana and Idaho, the cattle bringing $318,000. The following year he was made superintendent of the great King Ranch, a position he continued to hold until the time of his death.

This photo of Lydia with her first three children had this written on the back:

Mrs. Lydia Mary (Doughty) Bailey and Frederick Augustus Bailey's first three children. Her father Jim Doughty and mother Mary (Bridges) Doughty." Our Doughty Families says her mother was Emily Anne Rigby. Frederick Augustus Bailey's parents were Alexander Bailey and Elizabeth Ballou of Rhode Island.

Source: Kathy Walden Kaplan Our Doughty Families by Preston Doughty

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