My neighborhood

"Where you live determines how you live."-Unknown

"It's not the people who live here, it's the people who come here." -Unknown

"There's a big difference between the word home and the word house." -JMD

I really liked my childhood home in Midland, Texas. My step-father added on two bedrooms, a dining room, laundry room and a bathroom. When I visited years later the new family had done some major work and it was still the nicest home on the block.

I've not had the good fortune to buy a home of my own and while it is considered the American Dream, it's not that important to me.

From my childhood home we moved into a mobile home in Abilene, Texas. We moved that sucker to Lubbock in 1985 and when I was 21 and graduating from Texas Tech we bought a double-wide. I joke it was a big deal, but I was leaving the nest and it's been apartment living ever since.

Whatever your living arrangement, make the place your home not just a house.


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