Author Lillie Ammann

"Lillie Ammann has been a member of All Saints for nearly 15 years and the parish webmasterfor 12 years. As a freelance writer and editor, she worked with all participating authors to edit and prepare their books for publication. Dream or Destiny is a romantic mystery novel selected by a reviewer as a favorite Christian book read during 2008—on a list that included two CS Lewis titles. From the back cover: Marilee Anderson dreams about a murder and wakes to find it really happened. She and David Nichols, the victim’s brother, become the prime suspects. Though they have their secrets and aren’t sure they can trust each other, Marilee and David team up to find the killer. Website:"

Thanks to Lillie Ammann my dream of self-publishing my story came to pass. It all started when the Express-News published one of my grandmother's poems. The columnist responsible for the poetry section referred me to Lillie. I recall my first telephone conversation with Lillie, she made my dream seem possible.

Lillie was with me through the entire process and was at my first booksigning last June. I'm excited to join her and several other authors Saturday October 30th for a group booksigning. I hope you can join us too.