Isabel Adeline Doughty

This is a photo of my great great great great grandmother. Isabel Adeline Moses married Andrew Caddell Doughty on May 28, 1873. Isabel was born 1-1-1855 in Banquete, Nueces County. She died in Corpus Christi on August 4, 1944. She's interred in Kingsville.

Her father was John Williamson Moses (1825-1893) He was a lawyer, judge and writer born on September 1, 1825 in Hopewell, York County, South Carolina. Moses arrived in Texas in 1841.

Isabel's mother was Pilara Cruz. She married John Moses on June 29, 1850. They divorced in 1855.

"Honesty is the truth we tell others, intergrity is the truth we tell ourselves."


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