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James Michael Doughty [jamesmichaeldoughty] 


What is your specialty? What subjects do you deal with?
I'm a general assignment reporter in San Antonio, Texas. I cover breaking news stories and other stories of interest to the community.
In which media do you presently work or have you worked?
I started out in Radio at Texas Tech University. I did a few newspaper projects, but for the past 11 years I've worked in TV News.
Please list a web address where where one can view an example of your work.
What is "news"?
News is changing faster than I can learn how to use a Blackberry. At the same time, news will always stay the same. News is what people want and need to know in our great free society.
To you, what is objectivity?
Objectivity is giving both sides a fair shot at answering some questions and telling their side of the story. Objectivity does not mean the journalist treats both sides equally.
Do you feel that analytical and investigative journalism is being lost?
Yes, at the end of the day news is a business. In some cases you have to be careful whose door your kicking down.
With a camera on every mobile phone, is every citizen becoming a correspondent?
Yes, but there will always be room for professional organizations held to a higher standard.
How would you explain the boom of the tabloid press?
I think it's sick and those in the spotlight are just as guilty.
What is your position regarding the right to privacy of famous people?
I think good professional journalists know where to draw the line. At the same time a real star knows how to handle the press.
What can you teach us about the art of the interview?
Always try to make the person feel comfortable. Never pretend to understand what they're going through.
Please list well-known people you have interviewed.
Nolan Ryan Naomi Judd Walter Cronkite

I've seen Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez and Oprah Winfrey.

Former President George W. Bush handed me my college diploma.

Would you say the journalism blog is revolutionizing the profession?
I think a VLOG is much more exciting. The word is ugly, but the idea is changing things.
Will the paper press disappear?
Yes, a quote from my book, Some Monument To Last:

"T.V. is like the voice of God; it will never go away, but save a newspaper to show ur kids."

James Doughty

What are your thoughts of the free papers distributed in cities?
I love them. I had a Coach/History teacher who required us to read the newspaper and write three summary articles of what we read. I like going through a good newspaper, but I find I'm getting most of my information first online.
What is the book you would like to write?
I just self-published my first book. It will always be my favorite. The only other project I have waiting in the wings is still being born.
Is there a motto or ethical principle that clarifies your decisions in moments of confusion?
God, thy will be done, not mine.
What advice would you give to someone who has just left university and wishes to start in the profession?
Go back to school now and get a terminal degree.

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