Happy 25th Larry King

I was a 10-year-old 4th grade student when Larry King started at CNN. Servicing King's show on November 6, 2009, was a privilege and remains a favorite career highlight.

I'm disappointed CNN appears to be struggling. Today, I heard a news anchor say, "Don't just there watching." Click, click, click went the TV remote.

KING: Thanks, Brian. Excellent reporting. Brian Todd on the scene there. James Munoz is a reporter for KENS an affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. He joins us from outside the Brook Army Medical Center, where Major Hasan was transported a few hours ago. The press conference detailed a lot. What is the security like there, James?

JAMES MUNOZ, KENS-TV REPORTER: Well, Larry, good evening. The security here is tight, we understand. A number of health care workers are around Major Hasan. And you can bet plenty of law enforcement officers are around the Army psychologist.

He was flown in here by helicopter around 3:00 this afternoon. Our news station learned of the event 45 minutes after that. And so we are pressing the military tonight for photos or video of this event. We asked why we weren't notified for this transfer of a -- one of the most hated men in America perhaps right now.

We may get that answer tomorrow, just as we got the answer tonight about why the families have not been notified. That's certainly understandable. Why we don't have an official list of the names.

So right now, we know Hasan is here in stable condition. He is in the intensive care unit. This is a level one trauma center, probably the number two Army hospital in the country, and the number one highest-level Army hospital in our region.

He also might have been brought to this area just for the higher level of care, but also because the San Antonio FBI headquarters is overseeing this case.

KING: Thanks, James. Excellent reporting as well. James Munoz of KENS of San Antonio. We'll be right back with more of LARRY KING LIVE after this.


James Munoz of KENS 5 In SA on Larry King Live from Javier Mendoza on Vimeo.

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