My great-great grandfather

Source:  Our Doughty Families by Preston Doughty, Corpus Christi, Texas. 1966-1969.

Andrew Caddell Doughty was born August 19, 1851, in DeKalb, Kemper County, Mississippi, to James Murray Doughty and Emily Ann Rigby.  James Murray Doughty was a son of Joseph Doughty and wife, Mary Caddell.

On May 28, 1873, Doughty married Isabelle Adeline Moses at Rockport, Aransas Co., Texas.

Doughty died at Kingsville, Texas on December 5, 1929 [see obituary below]. 

"Called first 'Little Mac', probably because of his constant presence, as a small boy, with a workman named Mack, Andrew Caddell Doughty was a cattle rancher, sometimes in association with his father or the King Ranch, throughout South Texas.  Periods of activity were at San Diego, Goliad and Rockport, before his retirement as an employee, in Kingsville, of Kingsville Lumber Company.  Tall and slender, and stern of face, he was a highly regarded man at all times.

"Isabel survived him for many years, continuing to live in Kingsville as long as her health permitted.  Her final years were spent in the home of her daughter, Idabelle (Mrs. Warren) Downing, in Corpus Christi.

Children of Andrew Caddell Doughty and his wife, Isabel, were Lillian Edna, Walter Moses, Emile Perry, James Gravis, William David, Annie, Andrew Caddell, Jr., and Ida Belle.

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