My meeting with "Uncle" Cronkite

I was with my aunt and uncle and their two granddaughters when I got news Walter Cronkite had passed away. One friend texted me the information and another one e-mailed a nice note. In 2000, while working at the ABC affiliate in Corpus Christi, I had the chance to interview Walter Cronkite. A photographer snapped a nice photo, which I treasure to this day. Since then, I have proudly handed out copies of the photo and even got a call in 2001 from Cronkite's personal assistant inquiring about the photo.

In one postcard I labeled him "Uncle" Walter Cronkite, obviously those unfamiliar with the term of endearment to reference Cronkite really thought I was related to the most trusted man in America. I am still trying to set the record straight on that one.

Following my interview I ran into my great-uncle Preston Doughty. The meeting was the missing link to finding information and photos of my biological father. I believe it's that kind of miracle energy that is present and possible through people like Walter Cronkite. Surely, God works His will and shines through the Cronkites of the world.

I have a bag of tapes at work, I had been searching for my raw interview with Walter Cronkite. It's still lost but I'm glad to have the photo of that magical interview.James interviews Walter Cronkite