Bright future

"When I look into the future, it's sobright it burns my eyes."

-Oprah Winfrey


I first read this quote about ten years ago, and it has always inspired me.   Oprah actually played a part in getting me my first job in TV News. 

I was living in Lubbock, Texas when she was fighting a civil lawsuit in Amarillo.  I also had a good friend working at the CBS affiliate.  Always a big fan of Oprah, I drove to Amarillo and saw Oprah who seemed to look me right in the eye.  It was exciting to be so close to such greatness.  Yes, after all these years, she's the queen of talk.  

I gave my friend my resume tape, she walked it into the News Director of the ABC affiliate, and I had a job the following week.  Oprah won the suit and I landed my first job.  I still have the book, Mad Cow U.S.A. signed by John Stauber on 2-14-98, one of my first stories.  JMD